Dr. Jennifer S Jackson, DAOM, MSOM, LMT


 Dr. Jennifer S Jackson, DAOM, MSOM, LMT

Hey there! It's a pleasure to have the opportunity to share a bit about myself and my journey with you.

After graduating from Acupuncture school, I earned the title of Dr. Jen - or formally, Dr. Jennifer Jackson, DOAM. Some people even refer to me as The holistic Doc!

I've always had a passion for teaching people about health-related topics, particularly when it comes to Herbal and Natural remedies and nutrition as a sustainable, long-term approach to wellness. What I love most is breaking down complex health issues into simple, understandable concepts that anyone can grasp.

 Over the past decade, I've had the privilege of working with thousands of people at my practice on Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island. Through natural methods, nutrition, and an Herbal approach, I've been able to help clients from all walks of life - from newborns to seniors, U.S. Government officials, medical doctors, executives, scientists, professors, engineers, stay-at-home moms, high school students, and more.

 I'm proud to say that people from all over the world have come to see me, and I've even been invited to speak at prestigious universities like Brown University about my natural remedies.

So that's a little bit about me and my passion for helping people achieve their optimal health. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen, and I hope we can continue this conversation soon!